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What is Elite Cougar Dating?

Elite Cougar Dating is an online fantasy personal database that allows "Cougars" (Women from their late 20's to early 40's) to find an active and attractive young male for their own personal enjoyment. Women in this age range are just beginning to break out of their shells and are finding that younger men are a lot more fun than the older men they are used to.

Why are 'Cougars' looking for younger men?

A man is at his sexual peak in his early 20's, but women don't reach their peak until their early 30's. Some being divorced, some just enjoying the single life, but all are excited to try someone new. They have found that men their age just can't keep up and find that a younger man has the stamina, and excitement that they all are looking for!

Elite Cougar Dating

Elite Cougar Dating is the premier online fantasy dating service for women in their prime to break out of social norms and go after what really drives them wild, YOUNGER MEN!!